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Munro’s Furnishings Warranty



Munro's Furnishings warrants its finished solid wood furniture against any manufacturing defects to the original purchaser for the lifetime of the furniture, within normal use and not as a result of abuse or negligence of our product in any way.

Munro's Furnishings will repair or replace any defective components or hardware, at our discretion, provided the item is returned or shipped freight prepaid to and from our showroom.

All dealers and/or customers are responsible for inspecting product before shipping to final destination. Munro's Furnishings does not cover shipping or extra repair charges from selling to out-of-market areas. 

If the repair can be performed on-site by an authorized retailer, Munro's Furnishings will supply any necessary parts and provide potential reimbursement. 

This warranty does not cover shipping damage by third party carriers, or damage resulting from negligence, rental or commercial use, improper cleaning, damage or wear to mechanisms, exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity, alterations in the product, or unauthorized repair. To file repair claims contact us for additional policies and procedures.

In keeping with our continuous refinement policy, we reserve the right to alter specifications and styles without general notice or obligation to make similar changes in products previously ordered or produced.



Finishing materials will not conceal natural variation in colour and grain pattern, thus an exact colour or grain match is not guaranteed. Each piece of furniture is unique and will reflect its own character and colour which are signs of the genuine nature of our solid wood product and are not defects. Solid wood is also affected by humidity and will shrink or swell according to humidity level. Again this is not a defect but reflects the nature of solid wood. As these changes will affect drawer and door fit as well as table tops, in-home humidity levels should be regulated between 30% and 40% to prevent excessive contraction or expansion.


Each piece of our solid wood furniture is individually handcrafted (planed, sanded or rough sawn, stained and finished) and specifically built to order for each customer. Because of the nature of real wood no two pieces are alike, with varying grains, markings, stain absorption, finish settling, etcetera. Due to these factors the overall appearance of a finished product is beyond our control. If you are looking for a factory finished product our furniture will not meet your needs; if you are however looking for furniture that is truly one of a kind, has a unique personality, and is imperfectly perfect you have come to the right place.



- Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

- Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources

- Maintain in-home humidity levels of approximately 30-40%

- Do not use detergents, abrasives cleaners, or other improper cleaning agents

- Wipe your furniture with a damp cloth in the direction of the grain and dry with a soft cloth

- Wipe off liquid spills immediately

- Avoid impact by hard or heavy objects

- Avoid placing hot items directly on the furniture as this will harm the protective finish

- Always use writing pads, place mats and coasters on desks and table tops to protect against marking surfaces

- Do not lean back in chairs or stools, and avoid using table pedestals and stretchers as foot rests

Moving Your Furniture

Special care must be taken when moving fine furniture.

  • Remove all knobs and casters

  • Remove any adjustable wood or glass shelves and wrap separately

  • Remove any detachable drawers

  • Close and secure any doors

  • Protect any corners, details or handles with padding

  • Lift all furniture – sliding or dragging can cause warping or breaking

  • Lift tables from the skirts not the top

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