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Munro’s Furnishings Warranty

Munro’s Furnishings guarantees their manufactured furnishings against defects in materials and workmanship for indoor use to the original owner for two years from the date of delivery.

Munro’s Furnishings honors all manufacturers’ warranties from outside suppliers for one year, excluding home accents. Home accents carry no warranty.

There is no warranty on products “sold as is”, or on unfinished wood furniture.

MANUFACTURERS DO NOT WARRANTY MINUTE FLAWS OR MARKS DISCERNIBLE ONLY UPON THE CLOSEST EXAMINATION. Crack lines in knots, checks in the wood, and unusual grain patterns are part of nature and are not considered defective. Due to the nature of wood, colour variances will exist. Wood is porous; therefore, do not place hot or cold items directly on your furniture, as it may harm the finish. Direct sunlight is harmful to wood and should be avoided. Wood expands and contracts naturally in all environments. The humidity level in your home should be regulated between 30% and 40% to prevent excessive contraction or expansion.


At Munro’s Furnishings, customer service is our highest priority. Please direct any inquiries to our customer service department at 1-705-812-6602 Monday through Friday 10 am – 5 pm.

The original owner must provide a copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase. Any faulty warranted item, if returned freight prepaid, will be repaired or replaced free-of-charge at our discretion. A service fee will apply if a service call is required after 30 days of delivery. We request that you inspect your furniture upon delivery.

Care & Use

The Nature of Wood

At Munro’s Furnishings we select premium, 100% Canadian wood.

“If all trees were identical… all wood would look alike.”

But, no two pieces of wood are ever exactly alike, even from the same tree. Due to the difference in natural colour and grain each piece of wood will react differently to the finishing materials used.

Close-grained woods absorb less and will vary in colour from more open-grained pieces of the very same woods.

You’ll notice that the fine woods used by Munro’s Furnishings will vary slightly in grain colour, even on the same piece of furniture… the variations are distinguishing “beauty marks” of quality woods.

Climate Control

Did you know that freshly sawn lumber is more than 50% water?

Like your skin, wood is porous. Wood will expand and contract naturally in all environments. However it is imperative to maintain the humidity levels in the environment between 30% – 40%, especially in the winter months, to avoid excessive expansion or contraction of the wood.

Avoid placing wood furniture near heat or air-conditioning outlets. Exposure to extreme temperature differences can damage any fine wood pieces, including variations caused by humidifiers, fireplaces or space heaters.

Avoid placing wood furniture in direct sunlight. With over exposure, ultraviolet rays can create cracks in the finish or cause fading or darkening.


Take simple precautions

  • Don’t lean back on chairs, avoid using chair stretchers or table pedestals as footrests

  • Don’t put anything hot directly on furniture. If your furniture becomes scorched, seek the help of a furniture repair specialist

  • Avoid leaving plastics on wood surfaces for extended periods of time. Chemicals from synthetic products can damage finishes.

  • Use non-synthetic table mats or doilies. Use a protection mat when writing. Use coasters for beverages

To help maintain and preserve your furniture, we recommend using a clean lint free moist cloth and wipe dry. When dusting, always pick up and replace your accessories gently. Do not use a sponge or dishcloth on your fine furniture.

Moving Your Furniture

Special care must be taken when moving fine furniture.

  • Remove all knobs and casters

  • Remove any adjustable wood or glass shelves and wrap separately

  • Remove any detachable drawers

  • Close and secure any doors

  • Protect any corners, details or handles with padding

  • Lift all furniture – sliding or dragging can cause warping or breaking

  • Lift tables from the skirts not the top