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To start we use 100% solid wood in our manufactured products. You will not find any plywood or veneer product in any of our pieces.  We use traditional building methods from Mortise and Tenon joints to Dovetail drawers (front and back) and Tongue and Groove backing making your product to last a life time.

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Munro’s Furnishings has crafted and finished thousands of dining tables, beds, dressers, cabinets – all shapes and sizes and in all different colours. Each piece is individually made for a Munro’s customer. We think your furniture should fit your lifestyle, your family, your personality to a tee – so choose the style, the size and the finish, and we’ll put together something beautiful, unique and long lasting just for you.
We’ll make a Munro’s table just about any size, and we’ll make it fully adjustable too, with center leaves or end extensions, and Munro’s custom sizing extends across pretty well all our furniture – Entertainment Units, Wardrobes, Beds and Bedroom Furniture, Shelving Systems, Built in Wall Unirts ect.  All available in the size you need.



We at Munro's Furnishings give you numerous options for your furniture.  Including 7 different wood choices and 12 different colour choices.  Our colour pallet is also always changing.

If you require a custom paint finish or a colour match Munro’s will do that too, for just a little extra cost.

There’s not much we can’t do in the Munro’s finishing shop.


Munro’s trucks and drivers are available for delivery almost anywhere in Ontario, Wednesday to Saturday. Your Munro's Solid Wood furniture will be delivered to your home and set up by dependable and courteous furniture handlers. There is a delivery charge which depends on the distance from our workshop. 

Please contact the stores for details and pricing to your area. 

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