2622RSSCOMBO Single From $909
2622RSDCOMBO Double From $1069
2622RSQCOMBO Queen From $1069
2622RSKCOMBO King From $1289

Our rough Sawn Collection is exactly that. Our furniture in this collection is run through our planer to the proper size and assembled, with the planer leaving characteristics like planer lines, chatter, checks and bruises. This creates a rustic feel with hand crafted, solid wood furniture. The imperfections are what's beautiful about this collection. 

Can’t decide between the Slat or Tongue & Groove Bed? Now you don’t have to! The Combo Bed gives you the best of both worlds.

Available in Rough Sawn Pine, Sanded Pine, Rough Sawn Wormy Maple, Sanded Wormy Maple, Maple and Oak.

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